I originally promised myself I’d update this at least once a week, and I have not quite lived up to that schedule.  I blame this firmly on the mess that is my apartment.  It’s seriously the most natural disaster-esque place I’ve ever lived, which is really saying something.  The real problem is that I’ve yet to excavate a place for my boyfriend’s computer, so it still lives on what I optimistically call the sewing table.  The boyfriend himself is a bit of a distraction, and the cat…well, the cat is like a part-time job all by itself.  I have no idea how I’ll actually be able to sew anything with her running about.  She’ll probably end up locked in the bathroom for her own safety.  For future reference: open floor plans are nice.  Doors are better.

I did make a sewing commitment! I signed up for the Vintage Sewalong of 2011.  I’m hoping accountability will motivate me.  The dates are very flexible, thank god.  I plan on trying my new 40s blouse pattern – not sure which style or fabric.  I suppose it will be good buttonhole practice.  *twitch*

Coming later this week: my New Year’s resolutions, and the motivation behind this blog.


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